3 Reasons Why Mykonos Pulls You Like a Magnet

Nobody can deny that Mykonos is more than just another Mediterranean island with an unbeatable party scene. It waves from the top of the lists with the best places to visit in Greece (and not only) for its alluring nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and magnificent natural beauties. And, as it combines traditional Cycladic architecture and whitewashed houses and churches standing against the blue backdrop of the cloudless sky with ultimate glam and lux, it is where dreams come true. 

Still, you can’t put a finger on the irresistible draw you feel towards Mykonos, even well after you have stepped foot on the Island of the Winds. Although each one’s journey through the charms of Mykonos is unique and personal, there are, indeed, some components that contribute to this passionate relationship. Here are three possible reasons why!

1. The elegant traditional Cycladic architecture 

While walking the narrow, cobblestone streets of Mykonos Town, you are greeted with cubic-shaped, milky-white houses with bougainvillea-adorned balconies. Lined with shops, restaurants, tavernas, and bars, the maze-like alleys of the capital entice, inviting you to get lost in a time travel that speaks of the glorious Mykonos appeal. Stroll a bit further down towards the sea and expect to be welcomed with amazing three-storey houses painted in vibrant colours, whose flower-filled verandas literally hang over the water. The Venetian-style constructions in the picturesque Little Venice region are a pole of attraction for their idyllic views and seascapes, as well as their one-of-a-kind design. 

The same applies to the around 70 churches (most of which date back to the Byzantine era), with Panagia Paraportiani, Saint Nikolas, and Zoodochos Pigi being some of the most popular ones. Even if you are not a religious site visitor, these imposing edifices will cut your breath with their structure, Byzantine art collection, and simple (yet eye-catching) lines. 

2. The romance swirling in the air

Although mostly known as a party mecca, Mykonos remains an idyllic Cyclades island, giving off  mystery and opportunities to feel as if your heart is about to stop from the unbeatable beauty that lies ahead of you. The windmills are a signature Mykonos attraction that has this kind of effect on people. 

Built by the Venetians in the 16th and 17th centuries, the sleepless giants occupy pristine hilltop locations across Mykonos, offering a chance to fill your soul with fantastic sunset views and panoramas of the shimmering Aegean Sea. So, whether you visit the iconic Mykonos landmark in the hot summer months or some other time after the tourist season (best for sightseeing due to the lesser crowds), you will be giving yourself a special gift for sure. While up there, you can explore the interior of the windmills (some are turned into museums) and learn a few things about their significance in the local economy. Or just sit back and let the peacefulness and serenity of the place fill you. 

Utmost romance is also exuded from many other spots in Mykonos, including scenic Little Venice and, of course, Ornos Bay, where you will find some of the most luxurious suites overlooking the magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea. 

3. The sugary shores with the crystalline waters

The Mykonos coastline is home to fantastic beaches with fine sand and crystal-clear waters. Some fully organised and offering supreme and top-notch tourist facilities and comforts; they gather the attention of VIPs and those visiting the island for its endless partying scene. Shores like Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paraga Beach host legendary events featuring international DJs and providing alternative ways to use champagne, such as to shower with. 

However, you can also find more secluded parts of the coastline and even exclusive hotels with access to a private beach and services like private dining at the beachfront and even a cruise for two with a privately-owned yacht under the starry sky. So, it all depends on what you seek from the Queen of the Cyclades. Rest assured, she will pamper you with your heart’s desire. 

Without question, Mykonos fulfills dreams. Whether you are after boutique shopping, partying, museum visiting, nature-related adventures, esoteric quests, or used to an exquisite lifestyle, the Island of the Winds knows how to live up to your expectations, if not surpass them at lightspeed.