10 Reasons Behind The Incredible Growth Of The Online Casino Industry In Australia

Online Casino Industry

In recent years, there has been a real explosion in online gambling activity in Australia. The industry has a total turnover of tens of billions of dollars. The average Australian spends more than $1,000 annually on gambling (honestly speaking, this doesn't just include online gambling). What is the reason for this phenomenon?

1.Historical Traditions

Australia was the capital of gambling long before the widespread introduction of the Internet. Land-based gambling houses were extremely popular, where anyone could play poker or check their fortune by playing roulette. 80% of the adult population visited such institutions at least once, 40% annually, and 4% at least once a week. Online casinos simply captivated a part of the already ready audience.

2.The Appearance of Fast Internet

Curiously enough, the available fast Internet has appeared in Australia relatively recently. Of course, online casinos are not the most demanding traffic service, however, to play with enough "fast" access is much more pleasant. Also, high-speed traffic opens access to entertainment such as sports betting in real-time and live Internet with live croupiers. It's not surprising, then, that the fast Internet has caused an explosion in online casino attendance.

3.Features of the Legislation

The Australian legislation concerning gambling has a rather complicated structure. The country is divided into six states and three territories. The gambling regulation is partly under the local jurisdiction, and partly - under the federal government. Each territory has its legislation, which is monitored by its own regulators.

In 2001, an attempt was made to "brush up" the market by adopting the "Federal Gambling Law", but the situation is still far from being in order. All this opens up great opportunities for "optimization" of taxes, making Australia an extremely favorable country for the organization of gambling, both off- and online.

4.Local "Production" of Online Slots

Australia is a "home harbor" for leading developers of software for online casinos, including:


* Aristocrat Leisure Limited;

* Ainthworth;

* Lightning Box;

* Reel Time.

The best paying online casino in Australia receives the benefits from the placement of locally developed machines.

5.Online Casinos Are Convenient

Australian players have had time to try the absolute convenience of online gambling. A visit to a land-based establishment is a real "going out" that takes up most of the day. But to find yourself at an online casino, you just need to turn on your gadget. You do not have to waste your time on unnecessary things.

Also, despite the high concentration of casinos in Australia, they are not found everywhere. Moving to a city with a casino and staying in a hotel temporarily becomes a source of additional costs. In the case of online gambling, you can not only save money but also direct it to the game.

6.Playing Online - Playing Everywhere

Online gambling is available whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. Your own home, any place with precise Wi-Fi access, and any space with sufficiently reliable mobile Internet coverage can become a poker table or a room of "one-armed bandits" for you. With portable gadgets, you can play literally in the comfort of your couch. It has become our reality nowadays.

There is no time limit either: you will not be asked to leave the online portal under the pretext that the institution is closing, as it happens in land-based casinos.

7.Low Entry Limit

Newcomers can easily learn the rules of the game, without fear of incurring the displeasure and ridicule of experienced customers. Moreover, the casinos themselves are interested in the entry of new players and contribute to it in every possible way. For instance, many Australian poker rooms offer video courses on the art of poker. Those who take online courses under the guidance of world-famous masters will be rewarded with tickets to prestigious tournaments.

8.The Opportunity to Play for Free

Playing casino online for free is an opportunity that is offered by any Australian gambling portal. Each slot is necessarily equipped with a demo mode, allowing you to play not for real money, but the equivalent of "chips". You can easily learn the basics of the game, and not afraid to lose your whole bankroll in a few minutes. It is not necessary to risk your own money.

Certificates issued by Australian regulators guarantee that the demo mode is fully compliant with the real money game.

9.High Chances of Winning

Can you win money on online casinos? The answer is clearly yes. Due to the precise control of the regulators in Australian casinos, the vast majority of bets are distributed among the players in the form of winnings. For example, in online slots, the percentage of returns is legally set at no less than 95%. This means that the casino takes no more than 5 cents out of every wagered dollar.

The potential size of the jackpot is also surprising; many Australian online casinos have cumulative jackpots exceeding millions of dollars!

10.Wide Variety of Games

The choice of games in a land-based casino is limited by their physical size. But the physical laws have no power over the electronic space of the Internet. The online portal has no limits on the amount of entertainment. In Australia's best establishments you'll find:

slots from the best developers;

* video versions of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat;

* poker rooms to play with real competitors;

* betting on sports, cyber sports, and virtual sports;

* keno and bingo.


This all should be within the framework of one online casino!


Online gambling in Australia continues to grow, which has already managed to interest foreign investors. It can be assumed that the growth will only keep on growing in the coming years. The Australian government's efforts to streamline the legal regulation of Internet gambling is likely to reduce the profitability for the organizers on the one hand, but on the other hand, it will further increase the level of safety and comfort for players, making gambling even more attractive.