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These are Online Communities of X-Files Fans

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Note: many of these links may not work anymore, this is just to show you an example of how people with like mind can easily gather together on the Web. Look at how many there are!

Accueil X-Files Home Page

Adam Lee's X-Files Website

Adam's X-Files Headquarters

Akta-X Archive

Alan's Little Universe

Amy's Science Fiction Page

Andrea's X-Files Page

Andrew Kelly's X-Files Page

Andy's X-Files Page

Aux Frontieres d'URL-French Xphiles

Becki's X-Files Page

Ben Caldwell's Homepage

Ben's X-Files Page

Beth's X-Files Page

Black Knight's X-Files Page

Brian Anderson's X-Files Page

Brians X-Files Page

Christopher's X-Files Page

Craigs X-Files Page

Cupcakes World

Cupcakes X-Files Page

Cybervox's X-Files Page

Cyn City-The X-Files & More! **

Daniel Leather's Page

Daniel Lessa's X-Files Page

Danny's X-Files Page

Dan's Homepage

Darcom's X-Files Site

Daryl's Home Page

David Duchovny's Home Page

David Piro's Home Page

David's X-Files Page

DDEB Creative Archive


Deny Everything

Dinan's X-Files Page

DSTEXMEX's XF Sound Clip Page

Duanes X-Files Archive

Duchovnik's Home Page

Enrico's X-Files Page

Eric's Drawer of THE X FILES

Erik's X-Files Page

Erin's Wacky Homepage

FBI-X-Files Division**

Fwiffi's X-Files

Genuine Admirers of Gillian Anderson Page

German X-Files Page

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Page

Gillian Anderson's Home Page

Great Sci-Fi Sites

Greg's UFO and Conspiracy Page

Home for All X-Philes

Hot Rod's X-Files Site

Hsiawen's X-Files Homepage

Italian X-Files Page

Jason Main X-Files Page

Jason X-Files Page

Jason's X-Files Page

Jason's X-Files Page

Jeff Duda's Homepage

Jeff's Homepage

Jenifer's X-Files Home Page

Jen's the X-Files becomes truth

Joe's X-Files Experience

John Shaws X-Files Page

John's X-Files Homepage

John's X-Files Links

Jon Waler's Home Page

Jon's X-Files Home Page

Josh's X-Files WebPage

Julie's X-Files Page

JYW's Domain-The X-Files

K.C.'s X-Files Zone

Kabrina's X-Files page

Kate's X-Files Page

Lar's Dark Horizon Page

Leon's X-Files Page

Linda's Little X-Files Page

Malones X-Files Homepage

Martin's World


Melissa's X-Files Page

Mel's Homepage

Mel's X-Files Homepage

Michael's X-Files Page

Mike Quigley's X-Files Site

Miriland X-Files Site

Mitch Pielggi Estrogen Brigade

Moloney's X-Files Page

Mulder, it's me.

Mulders X-Files Links Page

Mulders X-Files Page

Ned's Ultimate X-Files List

Nicholas Barnard's Site

Nina's X-Files Page

Nomis X-Files Page

Odyssey X

Olcay's World

OneBallJay's HACKED X-Files Site

Paranormal Home Page

Park's Web Page

Paula's X-Files Site

Petes Page of Wonders

Phyllis' Outer Realms Page

Portman's X-Files Resource Page

Project X

Psychohacker's Cave of Wonders

Purity Control X-Zine

Re-Vamped X-Files UK Home Page

Red Wolf's X-Files page

REibUg's Web liNks

Rene Weber's X-Files Page

Roy's X-Files Page

Rutger X-Files Page

Ryan's Home Page

RYYT's X-Files Page

Sam's X-Files Home Page


Scott Weber's X-Files Page

Scott's X-Files Links

Scott's X-Files Page

Shannon's X-Files Homepage

Sherry Mayo's X-Files Page

Simon Chin's X-Files Page**

Simon Devitt's X-Files Page

Site of Wonderment

Spayders Galore

Strange Magazine

Strange Things DCU-The X-Files

Strongheart's Unofficial X-Files Archive

Sue's X-Files Page

Tempest's Temple

The Bomb X-Files Page

The Complete X-Files

The DDEB #3 Page

The Dutch X-Files Page

The G.A. Photo Site**

The Gillian Anderson Home Page

The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade

The Home Page of Tony Lammens

The IDDG X-Files Page

The Lemon Stand

The Mitch Pileggi Home page

The NDS X-Files Page

The Netpickers Guide to The X-Files

The Norwegian XF Page

The Origional XF Episode Guide

The Sci-fi Page

The Sci-Fi Pages

The Seventh Heaven

The Superdeformed X-files Page

The Truth Is Out There

The UK Episode Guide

The Unofficial X-Files Drinking Game

The Unofficial X-Files Resource Guide

The V-Files

The World According to Graves

The Worlds Smallest X-Files Site

the X-Files

The X-Files

The X-Files-Operation Paperclip

The X-Files Chat Page

The X-Files Creative Archive

The X-Files Home Page

The X-Files in French

The X-Files News & Pics

The X-Files Page

The X-Files Page

The X-Files Resource Page

The X-Files UK

The X-Files Web Site List

The X-Files: 1013

The X-Spot

TheX-Links Central

Tom Bjorklund's WWW Page

Tom Parle's X-Files Page

Top Secret X-Files Page

Unofficial X-Files HomePage

Wender Hwang's X-Files Links

Western's X-Files Club

Wyvern's X-Files Page

X-Files Cast Lists

X-Files Episode Ratings and Reviews

X-Files in Italian & English

X-Files Links

X-Files Pages

X-Files Terminal**

X-Files The Truth is out there.

X-Files UK FAQ Page

X-Files Video Preview Page

X-Files: Trust No One

X-Philes Registry

X-Rate-Australia's X-files Ratings Survey


Yet Another X-Files Site

Zig's GATB Page