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Why does Spyware and Adware affect every Internet user?

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  • All information you enter via the web can be intercepted
  • Unauthorized sites can add themselves to your desktop (icons)
  • Unauthorized sites can add themselves to your internet favorites
  • Your browsing activity can be tracked and monitored
  • Unwanted toolbars and searchbars can attach themselves to your browser without your knowledge or approval
  • Your personal information can be sold to other parties without your knowledge or consent
  • Your default homepage and settings can be hijacked so you can't change them

These malicious components not only invade your PC so they can not be removed, but take up your hard drive space and slow down your PC!

Your PC is probably infected with adware & spyware if:

  • You have downloaded music online
  • Your PC is running extremely slow
  • You are pestered by those horrible popup ads

What is Spyware and Adware?
Spyware and Adware is software made by publishers that allow them to snoop on your browsing activity, invade your privacy, and flood you with those horrible popups. If you are like most users on the internet, chances are if you do not use an anti-spyware or anti-adware program, you are probably infected with these applications.

Download and use anti-spyware and anti-adware programs regularly, as in once a week, until you are free from such pests. You can find these programs in the adware and spyware defintions on Also get in the habit of regularly deleting your cookies. For information on how to do that, go to the cookies definition on and click on the "more info" button!

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