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Net Nanny

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Why isn't simple parental supervision enough?

Parents are busy and can't always pay close, "over-the-shoulder" attention to what their kids are doing online. Kids are often home alone between the end of the school day and when their parents come home. The Internet opens up a whole new world, that kids can tap into from the privacy of their own homes, giving them a perceived sense of security, which can, ironically, be quite the contrary.

Even if the parent is in the same room with the child as they are surfing, kids can still get into trouble if the parent isn't vigilant and doesn't understand all of the things kids can get into online (as recent police cases demonstrate). Kids need to learn Internet safety practices and differentiate between right and wrong, because their parents won't always be there to guide them. While parents shouldn't breathe down their kids' necks, they do need to work with their children to create positive Internet experiences, using flexible technology such as Net Nanny.

With more than 100 different Internet filtering tools on the market today, why is Net Nanny the program to use?

Net Nanny set the trend by being the first product to ship to the public in January 1995. It has always been rooted in conscientious research, innovation and partnership with parents, law enforcement, child advocates, civil libertarians, and educators, providing protection when and where it counts. Net Nanny participates in community initiatives that are helping to perpetuate the Internet as an open and positive force for the global community.

How does Net Nanny 4 differ from its closest competitors?

Net Nanny 4 offers the industry's most comprehensive set of features - Activity and IRC Chat logs, time and date timer, an online contract of trust, word masking, custom warning messages, shutdown feature, and custom settings for up to 12 users.

The database of appropriate or objectionable sites can be viewed and edited at ANY time by you. You don't have to petition for sites to be removed and you don't have to depend on the judgment of the filtering company. You have complete control - when and how you want to use it.

Monitors and masks (if selected) both incoming and outgoing words and phrases, using a list that the parent can add to or delete from at any time. Other programs simply block certain information from being sent, but do nothing for incoming material that may be dangerous to the child. Why are free ISP parental controls or browser controls not enough, and how does Net Nanny differ from these options?

It is much easier for technologically-savvy children to circumvent "server-based" controls by simply gaining access to the Internet through a different gateway, than to have to contend with a "client-based" control system, such as Net Nanny, that resides on your computer. Net Nanny follows them wherever they go online - regardless of how they got there. Net Nanny 4 can be adjusted to suit each family's needs. Parental controls that offer "one-size-fits-all" solutions can't and don't respect complete user choice. Forcing families to subscribe to simple age restrictions or simply blocking access to chat, newsgroups and other areas is often stifling to users.

How does Net Nanny protect free speech?

Net Nanny doesn't remove information from the Internet or make categorical decisions for its customers, unlike other filtering companies that tend to "overblock". We simply offer parents a wide variety of features, which help facilitate parent/child involvement and individual decision-making. Parents can view every entry in our database of good and bad sites and add or delete sites to suit their own needs and values.

Why does Net Nanny Software, Inc. participate in so many national and international Internet education initiatives?

Our numerous sponsorships of projects such as,, and other broad-based partnerships and speaking engagements demonstrate our commitment to give back to the community and to help spread the word about present and emerging issues and technology trends. On a grass roots level, Net Nanny sponsors the "Internet and Your Child", a day-long program, held throughout the year, which offers Internet safety education, tips and pointers to parents just getting on the Internet.

Why does Net Nanny work so closely with law enforcement, child advocacy and civil liberty groups?

Net Nanny actively seeks information and partnerships from a wide variety of experts who are "in the trenches" and understand firsthand the real-world impact of the Internet's positive and negative attributes. The sharing of information between Net Nanny and these groups keeps our products and our message relevant, timely and innovative.

What does Net Nanny Software, Inc. do as a member of the U.S. Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Board?

Net Nanny employees are subject matter experts on the issues surrounding online child safety, privacy and security, advising members of Congress and their staff through organized industry briefings, testimony at hearings and personal meetings to help keep the government up-to-speed on technology innovations and the developing landscape of the Internet.

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