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What is HTML?

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    It's a language,
    like English
    or French
    or Italian
    you don't necessarily speak it
    you write it
    or read it.
    It's a language,
    it's the language of the World Wide Web
    like other languages there are ways to use it that are right
    and ways that are considered incorrect
    the way it is written is called "syntax."
    In order to read this language
    you need a program which translates the language into your language
    the interpreter of this language is called a "browser."
    A browser is what you use
    to read HTML.
    The words and images you see with a browser
    are thought of as if they are on "pages"
    like in a book
    you move from page to page like reading a book
    except you don't physically turn any pages
    you click your mouse on special words
    which have the ability to change what your looking at.
    they have the ability to change the page you are looking at.
    These special words are called "links"
    sometimes they are called "hypertext."
    Links are what gives you mobility on the World Wide Web.
    You "navigate" through pages of information and pictures
    by clicking on these links.

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