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List of File Extensions

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 3DS	3D Studio
 906	Calcomp plotter
 AAC	Advanced Audio Coding (Mac)
 ABC	A Program's Master Index
 ABK	CorelDRAW auto backup
 ACL	CorelDRAW keyboard accelerator
 AD	After Dark image
 ADM	After Dark MultiModule
 ADR	After Dark Randomizer
 AFM	Adobe font metrics (Type 1)
 AG4	Access G4 document imaging
 AI	Adobe Illustrator graphics,
 AI	Encapsulated PostScript header
 AIF	Digital audio (Mac)
 AIFC 	Digital audio (Mac)
 AJAX	Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
 ALB	JASC Image Commander
 ANI	Animated cursor
 ANN	Windows help annotations
 ANS	ANSI text
 ARC	ARC, ARC+ compressed archive
 ARJ	Compressed archive (Jung)
 ART	Xara Studio drawing
 ASA	ASP info
 ASD	Word temporary document
 ASF	NetShow file
 ASM	Assembly source code
 ASP	Active Server Page
 ASX	NetShow file
 ATT	AT&T Group IV fax
 AU	Digital audio (Sun)
 AVI	Microsoft movie format
 AXD	Actrix drawing
 BAK	Backup
 BAS	BASIC source code
 BAT	DOS, OS/2 batch file
 BFC	Windows briefcase document
 BIN	Driver, overlay
 BM1	Apogee BioMenace file
 BML	Bookmark library (SyncURL)
 BMP	Windows & OS/2 bitmap
 BMK	Windows help bookmarks
 BMS	BlackMagic script
 BRK	Brooktrout fax
 BS1	Apogee Blake Stone file
 C	C source code
 CAB	Microsoft compressed format for distribution
 CAL	Windows calendar,
 CAL	SuperCalc spreadsheet,
 CAL	CALS raster and vector formats
 CAP	Ventura Pub. captions
 CAL	CALS raster and vector formats
 CCB	Visual Basic animated button
 CCH	Corel Chart
 CDA	CD audio track
 CDR	CorelDRAW vector graphics
 CDT	CorelDRAW template
 CDX	CorelDRAW compressed drawing
 CDX	FoxPro and Clipper index
 CFG	Configuration
 CGM	CGM vector graphics
 CH3	Harvard Graphics chart
 CHP	Ventura Pub. chapter
 CHK	DOS/Windows corrupted file (Chkdsk)
 CIF	Ventura Pub. chapter info.
 CIT	Intergraph scanned image
 CK?	iD/Apogee Commander Keen ?
 COB	COBOL source code,
 COB	Truespace 3-D file
 CLP	Windows clipboard
 CLS	Visual Basic class module
 CMF	Corel metafile
 CMP	JPEG bitmap, LEAD bitmap
 CMP	RichLink composed format
 CMX	Corel clip art
 CMV	Corel Presentation Exchange
 CNT	Windows help contents
 COM	Executable program
 CPD	Fax cover document
 CPE	Fax cover document
 CPI	DOS code page
 CPL	Windows control panel applets
 CPL	Corel color palette
 CPP	C++ source code
 CPR	Knowledge Access bitmap
 CPR	Corel Presents presentation
 CPT	Corel Photopaint image
 CPX	Corel Presentation Exchange
 CRD	Cardfile file
 CRP	Corel Presents runtime presentation
 CSC	Corel script
 CSV	Comma delimited
 CT	Scitex CT bitmap
 CUR	Cursor
 CUT	Dr. Halo bitmap
 CV5	Canvas 5 vector/bitmap
 DAT	Data
 DAT	WordPerfect merge data
 DB	Paradox table
 DBF	dBASE database
 DBT	dBASE text
 DCA	IBM text
 DCM	DICOM medical image
 DCS	Color separated EPS format
 DCX	Intel fax image
 DCT	Dictionary
 DEF	Definition
 DG	Autotrol vector graphics
 DGN	Intergraph vector graphics
 DIB	Windows DIB bitmap
 DIC	Dictionary
 DIF	Spreadsheet
 DISCO	Publishing and Discovering Web Services
 DLG	Dialogue script
 DLL	Dynamic link library
 DOC	Document (MS Word 2003-2007)
 DOCX	Document (MS Word 2008)
 DOT	Word template
 DOX	MultiMate V4.0 document
 DPI	Pointline bitmap
 DRV	Driver
 DRW	Designer vector graphics (Version 2.x, 3.x)
 DS4	Designer vector graphics (Version 4.x)
 DSF	Designer vector graphics (Version 6.x)
 DWG	AutoCAD vector format
 DX	Autotrol document imaging
 DXF	AutoCAD vector format
 ED5	EDMICS bitmap (DOD)
 EMF	Enhanced Windows metafile
 EPS	Encapsulated PostScript
 ESI	Esri plot file (vector)
 EVY	Envoy document
 EXE	Executable program
 FAX	Various fax formats
 FDX	Force index
 FH3	Freehand 3
 FLC	Autodesk animation
 FLD	Hijaak thumbnail folder
 FLI	Autodesk animation
 FLT	Graphics conversion filter
 FMT	dBASE Screen format
 FMV	FrameMaker raster & vector graphics
 FNT	Windows font
 FOG	Fontographer font
 FON	Windows bitmapped font,
 FON	Telephone file
 FOR	FORTRAN source code
 FOT	Windows TrueType font info.
 FOX	FoxBase compiled program
 FM3	Format info for 1-2-3 Version 3
 FP1	Flying Pigs for Windows data
 FPX	FlashPix bitmap
 FRM	dBASE report layout
 FTG	Windows help file links
 FTS	Windows help text search index
 G4	GTX RasterCAD (raster into vector)
 GAL	Corel Multimedia Manager album
 GCA	IBM MO:DCA - GOCA vector graphics
 GDF	GDDM format
 GED	Arts & Letters graphics
 GEM	GEM vector graphics
 GFI	Genigraphics presentation link
 GFX	Genigraphics presentation link
 GID	Windows help global index
 GIF	CompuServe bitmap
 GIM	Genigraphics presentation link
 GIX	Genigraphics presentation link
 GNA	Genigraphics presentation link
 GNX	Genigraphics presentation link
 GP4	CALS Group IV - ITU Group IV
 GRA	Microsoft graph
 GRF	Micrografx Charisma vector graphics
 GRP	Windows ProgMan Group
 GWX	Genigraphics presentation link
 GWZ	Genigraphics presentation link
 GX1	Show Partner bitmap
 GX2	Show Partner bitmap
 H	C header
 HED	HighEdit document
 HGL	HP Graphics language
 HLP	Help text
 HPJ	Visual Basic help project
 HPP	C++ program header
 HPL	HP Graphics language
 HQX	BinHex format
 HT	HyperTerminal
 HTM	HTML document (Web page)
 HTML	HTML document (Web page)
 HTX	HTML extension file
 HYC	WordPerfect hypen list
 ICB	Targa bitmap
 ICO	Windows icon
 IDC	Internet Database Connector
 IDD	MIDI instrument definition
 IDE	Development environment configuration
 IDX	FoxBase index
 IFF	Amiga bitmap
 IGF	Inset Systems (Hijaak) raster & vector graphics
 IL	Icon library (hDC Computer)
 IMG	ISO 9660 CD-ROM image
 IMG	Macintosh image file
 IMG	GEM Paint bitmap
 INF	Setup information
 INI	Initialization
 JFF	JPEG bitmap
 JIF	JPEG bitmap
 JPG	JPEG bitmap
 JS	JavaScript file
 JT	JT Fax
 JTF	JPEG bitmap
 KDC	Kodak Photo bitmap
 KFX	Kofax Group IV fax
 KYE	Kye game program data
 LBL	dBASE label
 LBM	Deluxe Paint graphics
 LEG	Legacy text
 LIB	Function library
 LIT	Microsoft Reader file
 LOG	Log file
 LNK	Windows 9x/NT shortcut
 LQT	Liquid Audio
 LSN	Topic list (CDE)
 LST	List
 LV	LaserView Group IV
 LZH	LHARC compressed
 LZS	Skyroads program data
 M1V	MPEG file
 M3U	MPEG file
 MAC	MacPaint bitmap
 MAK	Visual Basic/MS C++ project
 MAP	Link editor map
 MB1	Apogee Moster Bash file
 MBX	Mailbox (e-mail)
 MCS	MathCAD format
 MCW	Word for Macintosh document
 MDB	Access database
 MEL	Maya script
 MET	OS/2 Metafile
 MEU	Menu items
 MDX	dBASE IV multi-index
 MID	MIDI sound file
 MID	Eudora script file
 MIL	Same as GP4
 MIX	PhotoDraw file
 MME	MIME-encoded file
 MMF	Microsoft mail file
 MMM	Macromind animation format
 MOD	Eudora script file
 MOV	QuickTime movie
 MPA	MPEG file
 MP2	MPEG file
 MP2V	MPEG file
 MP3	MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio
 MPE	MPEG file
 MPG	MPEG file
 MPP	Microsoft Project
 MRK	Informative Graphics markup file
 MSG	Message file
 MSP	Microsoft Paint bitmap
 MUS	Music
 MVB	Microsoft Multimedia Viewer
 M1V	MPEG file
 M3D	Corel Motion 3-D
 NAP	NAPLPS format
 NAV	Eudora script file
 NDX	dBASE index
 NDX	CDE index
 NG	Norton Guides text
 NLM	NetWare NLM program
 NTZ	InVircible antivirus blueprint
 O	UNIX machine language
 OBD	Microsoft Office binder
 OBJ	Machine language,
 OBJ	Wavefront 3-D file
 OBZ	Microsoft Office wizard
 OEB	Open eBook publication
 OLB	OLE object library
 OLE	OLE object
 OPF	Open package file
 ORG	Organizer file
 OTF	OpenType font
 OVL	Overlay module
 OVR	Overlay module
 OZM	Sharp Organizer memo bank
 OZP	Sharp Organizer telephone bank
 OUT	Encyclopedia definitions
 P10	Tektronic Plot 10
 PAL	Windows palette
 PAS	Pascal source code
 PAT	CorelDRAW pattern
 PBD	PowerBuilder dynamic library
 PBK	Microsoft Phonebook
 PBM	Portable Bitmap
 PCL	HP LaserJet series
 PCD	Photo CD bitmap
 PCM	LaserJet cartridge info.
 PCS	PICS animation
 PCT	PC Paint bitmap,
 PCT	Macintosh PICT bitmap & vector graphics
 PCW	PC Write document
 PCX	PC Paintbrush bitmap
 PDF	Portable Document Format (Acrobat),
 PDF	Printer driver,
 PDF	Printer description (QuarkXpress)
 PDV	PC Paintbrush printer driver
 PDW	HiJaak vector graphics
 PFA	Type 1 font (ASCII)
 PFB	Type 1 font (encrypted)
 PFM	Windows Type 1 font metrics
 PGL	HPGL 7475A plotter (vector graphics)
 PIC	Various vector formats:
 PIC	Lotus 1-2-3,
 PIC	Micrografx Draw,
 PIC	Mac PICT format,
 PIC	IBM Storyboard bitmap
 PIF	Windows info. for DOS programs,
 PIF	IBM Picture Interchange
 PIN	Epic Pinball data
 PIX	Inset Systems raster & vector graphics
 PL	Perl script
 PLT	AutoCAD plotter file
 PLT	HPGL plotter file
 PM	PageMaker graphics/text
 PMx	PageMaker document (x=ver.)
 PML	PageMaker library
 PNG	PNG bitmap
 POV	POV-Ray ray tracing
 PP4	Picture Publisher 4
 PPD	PostScript printer description
 PPM	Portable Pixelmap
 PPS	PowerPoint Slideshow
 PPT	PowerPoint
 PRC	Resource (text or program) file (3com PalmPilot) 
 PRD	Microsoft Word printer driver
 PRE	Lotus Freelance
 PRG	dBASE source code
 PRN	XyWrite printer driver,
 PRN	Temporary print file
 PRS	WordPerfect printer driver,
 PRS	Harvard Graphics
 PRT	Formatted text
 PS	PostScript page description
 PSD	Photoshop native format
 PSR	Powersoft report
 PTx	PageMaker template (x=ver.)
 PUB	Microsoft Publisher publication,
 PUB	Ventura Publisher publication
 PUZ	Across puzzle
 PVK	Private Key 
 PWL	Windows password list
 P10	Tektronix Plot10 plotter (vector graphics)
 QBW	QuickBooks
 QLB	Quick programming library
 QLC	ATM font info.
 QT	QuickTime movie
 QTM	QuickTime movie
 RA	Real Audio file
 RAM	Real Audio file
 RAS	Sun bitmap
 RAW	3-D file (open standard)
 RC	Resource script
 REC	Recorder file
 REG	Registration file
 RES	Programming resource
 RFT	DCA/RFT document
 RGB	SGI bitmap
 RIA	Alpharel Group IV bitmap
 RIB	Renderman graphics
 RIC	Roch FaxNet
 RIX	RIX virtual screen
 RLC	CAD Overlay ESP (Image Systems)
 RLE	Compressed (run length encoded)
 RLF	RichLink compiled format
 RM	Real Media file
 RMI	MIDI music
 RMM	Real Media file
 RND	AutoShade rendering format
 RNL	GTX Runlength bitmap
 RTF	Microsoft text/graphics
 R8P	LaserJet portrait font
 R8L	LaserJet landscape font
 RV	Real Video file
 SAM	Ami Pro document
 SAT	ACIS 3-D model
 SAV	Saved file
 SBP	IBM Storyboard graphics/Superbase text
 SC	Paradox source code
 SC?	ColoRIX raster (?=res.)
 SC2	Microsoft Schedule+ 7
 SCD	Microsoft Schedule+ 7
 SCH	Microsoft Schedule+ 1
 SCM	ScreenCam movie
 SCP	Dial-up Networking script
 SCR	Windows screen saver
 SCR	Generic script,
 SCR	Fax image
 SCR	dBASE screen layout,
 SCT	Lotus Manuscript screen capture text,
 SCT	Scitex bitmap
 SDL	SmartDraw library
 SDR	SmartDraw vector graphics
 SDT	SmartDraw template
 SET	Setup parameters
 SFP	LaserJet portrait font
 SFL	LaserJet landscape font
 SFS	PCL 5 scalable font
 SGI	SGI bitmap
 SHB	Corel Show
 SHG	Segmented HyperGraphic (imagemap Windows help)
 SHS	OLE2 package (can contain executables)
 SHW	Corel Show
 SLD	AutoCAD slide
 SLK	SYLK format (spreadsheets)
 SMI	SMIL multimedia
 SND	Digital audio
 SPD	Speedo scalable font
 STY	Ventura Pub. style sheet
 SUN	Sun bitmap
 SVX	Amiga sound file
 SWF	Shockwave file
 SY3	Harvard Graphics symbol
 SYL	SYLK format (spreadsheets)
 SYS	DOS, OS/2 driver
 TAL	Adobe Type Align shaped text
 TAR	Tape archive
 TAZ	UNIX Gzip archive
 TDF	Speedo typeface definition
 TFM	Intellifont font metrics
 TGA	TARGA bitmap
 TGZ	UNIX Gzip archive
 TIF	TIFF bitmap
 TLB	OLE type library
 TMP	Temporary
 TOC	Table of contents
 TORRENT  BitTorrent, P2P technology
 TRM	Terminal file
 TTC	TrueType font compressed
 TTF	TrueType font
 USP	LaserJet portrait font
 USL	LaserJet landscape font
 VBP	Visual Basic project
 VBX	Visual Basic custom control
 VBS	Visual Basic script
 VCF	vCard file
 VDA	Targa bitmap
 VGR	Ventura Pub. chapter info.
 VOC	Sound Blaster sound
 VOX	Voxware compressed audio
 VP	Ventural Publisher publication
 VSD	Visio drawing
 VST	Targa bitmap
 VUE	dBASE relational view
 WAV	Digital Audio (Windows)
 WAX	WMA metafile (location of WMA file)
 WB?	Quattro Pro spreadsheet (?=version)
 WBK	Microsoft Word backup
 WBT	WinBatch file
 WCM	WordPerfect macro
 WDB	Microsoft works data file
 WGP	Wild Board games data
 WID	Font width table
 WIF	Wavelet image
 WIZ	Microsoft Word wizard
 WKQ	Quattro spreadsheet
 WK1	Lotus ver. 2.x
 WK3	Lotus ver. 3.x & Windows
 WK4	Lotus ver. 4.x
 WKS	Lotus 1-2-3 ver. 1a spreadsheet
 WMA	Windows Media Audio (ASF file)
 WMF	Windows Metafile
 WMV	Windows Media video (ASF file)
 WPD	Corel WordPerfect,
 WPD	Windows printer description
 WP?	WordPerfect document (?=version)
 WPG	WordPerfect raster & vector graphics
 WPM	WordPerfect macro
 WPT	WordPerfect template
 WQ?	Quattro Pro for DOS (?=version)
 WPS	Microsoft Works document
 WRI	Windows Write document
 WRK	Sympohony spreadsheet
 WRL	VRML page
 WS?	WordStar for Windows (?=version)
 WSD	WordStar 2000 document
 WSH	Windows Scrip Host properties
 WVL	Wavelet compressed file
 WVX	WMV metafile (location of WMV file)
 XAR	Corel Xara drawing
 XBM	X Window bitmap
 XFX	JetFax
 XLA	Excel add-in
 XLB	Excel toolbar
 XLC	Excel chart
 XLD	Excel dialogue
 XLK	Excel backup
 XLM	Excel macro
 XLS	Excel spreadsheet
 XLT	Excel template
 XLW	Excel project
 XML	XML file
 XPM	X Window pixelmap
 XSD	XML schema
 XWD	X Window dump
 XY?	XyWrite document (?=version)
 XYW	XyWrite for Windows document
 Z	UNIX Gzip archive
 ZIP	PKZIP compressed
 ZOO	Zoo compressed
 $$$	Temporary

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