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Eudora Pro and Eudora Lite E-Mail Features

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Message filtering - Sort your messages automatically into mailboxes you have created.

Spell checking - Check your messages and text files for misspellings.

MAPI support - Use the Message Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to send e-mail messages from MAPI-compatible applications (Eudora Pro for Windows only).


Desktop access and off-line reading and writing - Store your mail locally so that you can read and write even when you are not connected to a network.

Auto-launching for URLs in e-mail messages. Click on URLs to open your Web applications and go to the URL (Eudora for Windows only).

Find and Sort - Locate messages by content and sort messages by subject, sender, date, status or priority.

Attachments - Attach multiple files to your messages, including graphics, videos, spreadsheets and word processing documents.

Hierarchical mailboxes - Create mailbox folders to help organize large numbers of mailboxes and messages.

Mobile access - Use a serial dialup, SLIP, or PPP connection for remote access.

Multiple Nickname lists - Use multiple group-, department- and company-wide mailing lists in addition to the regular Nickname list.

Text editing - Use familiar word processing functions, including Select, Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) support - Exchange files and binary data (including international character sets) between multiple platforms.

Macintosh System 7 savvy - Eudora supports aliases, drag and drop to attach documents, and AppleEvents.

UNIX file compatibility - Eudora is compatible with UNIX mail files.

Based on Internet Standards

Some e-mail products are written to their own proprietary languages and must be translated before they can be understood on the Internet--which means there's no guarantee your messages and attachments will arrive intact.

But Eudora works with any TCP/IP network, such as the Internet, using the standard Internet protocols SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3). This eliminates the need for platform-specific translation gateways required by proprietary e-mail packages, and ensures that your messages and attachments are delivered correctly.

The perfect communications solution for organizations

Eudora e-mail software is the perfect mix of ease, flexibility and affordability for your organization, whether you have 2 people or 200,000. It provides the high-end functionality that you need, while also lowering your operating costs and streamlining your messaging systems.

That's because Eudora is designed to work without expensive and troublesome translation gateways between your Mac and PC users, and between them and the rest of the Internet. This eases the task of the network administrator by centralizing e-mail administration and removing the potential disruptions these gateways introduce. Eudora software also allows for greater network flexibility, as resources previously dedicated to supporting E-mail are freed up to support other activities.

Regardless of network size or sophistication, Eudora software is a powerful tool for reducing cost, saving administrative time, and simplifying e-mail system expansion. It frees up existing resources, reduces the need for new hardware and software, and gives network administrators greater freedom to manage their networks.

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