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Digital Audio Links

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  • 360 Systems
    Professional digital audio products for radio and TV broadcast, including recorders, players, editors, and routing switchers.
  • Airmap Surveys Ltd.
    Digital Mapping Services.
  • Alshire International
    Alshire International; Digitally mastered CD's and Cassettes Custome Audio Manufacturing. Digital-bin duplication Complete Art Department, Design, Layout, Guaranteed Quality.
  • Applied Digital Systems Inc.
    Applied Digital is a leader in the disk and tape drive marketplace, specializing in disk and tape subsystems, add-on memory and network solutions for a variety of platforms.
  • Audio-Online
    Audio-Online, an online resource for digital audio technology featuring sound effects for motion pictures, broadcast, and multi-media productions, information on recording artists, producers, engineers etc..
  • BZZZZ's page
    Musical examples of digital audio (music) I created as rhythm tracks for use by others in complete musical works. Some non-traditional uses of sounds mixed to make interesting rhythms. I am looking for others for collaboration on the net, possibly for...
  • Big Keys Keyboard by Greystone Digital
    The original children's keyboard! A terrific educational computer keyboard for Mac and PC. Brightly-colored, big keys in alphabetical order. Promotes early reading skills. Teacher approved.
  • Computer Concepts Corporation - The Digitally Integrated Radio Station
    The wait is over... Digital integration for your radio station is here. Discover how Computer Concepts' products can improve the profitability of your radio station.
  • Creative ChaosCreative Chaos offers component digital video post production, Avid off-line suites, and extensive graphic artist services for the Atlanta area.
  • Custer Digital Music Home Page
    Availible to write custom midi sequence for your home video's HiFi stereo VHS
    DIGITAL MUSIC ZONE is devoted to music and music electronics...circuit diagrams, schematics, guitar effects units, synthesizers, recording, tips & techniques and other related items. We have one of the largest collections of music-related schematics
  • Digital Imaging Services
    We put all your documents on CD-ROM. No more filing cabinets. Easy custom database to allow easy faxing, copying, editing of all your paperwork.
  • Digital Recording and Samplers
    This site explores the basic of digital technologies and how sound is changed into numbers and stored on tape.
  • Digital interactive agency
    Services: designing for all media, research, marketing and strategic planning; multimedia and interactive design; www development; meetings and events; video, animation and audio production.
  • Independent Music Makers
    Free music, submitted by independent artists the world over. Listen to artists from around the world, or submit your own work. All work cataloged and made available to the world.
  • Jason Huck's Digital Portfolio
    Print and new media graphic design from Ohio, plus sound bites from some great local bands.
  • Labyrinth Midi Music
    Labyrinth Midi Music supply professional backing tracks on the following media: Standard midi File Format 0 (Single Track) Standard midi File Format 1 (Multi Track) Roland Super mrc (mc-50 mc500 Mk2 etc) Labyrinth Standard Midi Files are compat
  • Post Music & Sound
    Digital audio Post Production serving the Film, Television, Video and Radio communities. Services include ORIGINAL MUSIC, SOUND DESIGN, VOICE OVERS, RECORDING, FOLEY, ARRANGING, NETCASTING, MULTIMEDIA AUDIO...
  • Quintessential Sound, Inc.
  • Secuto Music
    Specializing in film/tv/multimedia original soundtrack composition, orchestration, arranging, copying, and editing. 16 track digital recording, all genres of music covered.
  • Synthesizers
    Explore the world of synthesizers, all types, links to companies.
  • Synthesizers and Sequencers
    This site explores the basic building blocks of sound/music using a variety of synthesizers and computer sequencers.

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