Download NetLingo as an E-book

Download NetLingo the Internet Dictionary as an e-book

The NetLingo e-book contains the same content as the printed book, plus extra interactive features!

Computer Dicitonary for your PDA

Computer Glossary for most PDAs
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  • E-book contains the same information as the p-book, except it resides on your mobile device.
  • Best-in-class Content and Features - Find What You Need, Fast!
  • It's called "PocketLingo Net" Featuring NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary - An award-winning dictionary of Internet terms containing thousands of words and definitions that describe the online world of business, technology, and communication.
  • List price: $24.95
  • PocketLingo Net is a mobile technical dictionary program that combines a powerful reference and learning tool with the NetLingo Dictionary of Internet Words.
  • You can send it as an eGift!
  • Download Time 8 min @ 56k
  • PocketLingo Net Dictionary combines NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary with powerful learning features. PocketLingo Net Dictionary is much more than just a dictionary. Its exclusive MyWord and study-card features help you master and expand your vocabulary, while its elegant interface and professional-level dictionary make it the perfect dictionary and learning tool for your handheld.
  • NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary offers clear, authoritative entries with over 2,500 terms.
  • Multi-dictionary engine for all version 2.0 dictionaries allows you to access multiple dictionaries from one application!
  • Fast look-ups, with auto-lookup, recently viewed list, and highly optimized performance.
  • Integrated Learning Features - Expand Your Vocabulary!
  • Advanced integrated learning features including Study Cards and MyWord List help you quickly and effectively master new vocabulary.
  • More than 1200 chat acronyms!
  • More than 100 smileys and straight-on smiley examples ;-)
  • Easy-to-use interface with adjustable font size and style and color support.
  • Tap and go instant word lookup from any definition.
  • Full version requires 922 KB of free memory on your PalmOS device or external memory card (SD/MMC, Memory Stick)
  • Available for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Smart Phones
  • Presents more than 3000 Internet-terms and industry-specific jargon for anyone who needs to learn the new language of the Net.

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